The struggle…

The life of an artist; the constant balancing of normalcy and creative abnormality. A search for peace within constant flux of organized madness and disorganized bliss. To tidy up the scattered supplies strewn about your living quarters, or to stroll freely amongst the cramped creative battlegrounds we despise and prize. Who’s to say? I say yes to all of it.

Now about this whole online thing.

I’ve been around. Wait… I’ve been around the webs. Yes, and I have at times expressed my feelings on the beloved social media of this technological age. That thing which so many prize as utmost and divine. I feel…uhh…less fuzzy about it shall we say. Yet here I am.

I realize some people are quite adept at maintaining a cohesive online semblance of self. This can be quite tedious and tiresome in my honest opinion. I much prefer utilizing life and it’s creative freedoms to their fullest extents, and then repeating that again the following day…and repeating repeatedly. This however does not bode well with online representation, nor simply sharing for that matter. Which I quite like actually; sharing that is.

Anyhoo. I apologize for not sharing more.

We can all make excuses for what we wish to become better at, aspects we wish to change or improve upon. Yet in the end thats all they really are…excuses right? But not really. It’s important to remember that we are all people, all unique, with different lives, dreams and issues to tackle. Everyone needs a little support at times. Perhaps the real truth is that we can all do a little bit more to help eachother. Yes.

At this point in time you may perhaps be asking yourself, “Did I come here to read this blog post just to be lectured..ridiculed?” No. Of course you didn’t.

How about rattled, inspired, shook. Enticed even. #motivated ?

My bottom line here if there ever was one, is simple. I will try to share more of what I create. I will try harder to inspire myself and hopefully inspire others. All I would ask in return is the same. Share. Give freely and passionately that which we all crave and desire. Inspiration. Motivation. Creativity.

It can be a harsh and unforgiving place out there. We all approach it differently, handle it individually, and react to it uniquely. That is what makes it so great I suppose. People, and art.

Take care till next time!

The Joys of Live Streaming!

Hiya all, welcome back! So I’ve been wanting to add some live streaming videos to the mix on my You Tube channel. I thought it would be nice to share some work in progress such as sketches, digital paintings, etc. With the intention of hopping online and sharing a little more frequently; I was very hopeful. Little did I know all the issues I would have once I’d gone live. Arrrrgh!

The frustration began as soon as the stream started. I had opened a blank document in Photoshop, ready to create. Upon placing pen to tablet however, I immediately noticed significant pen tablet lag. I would touch the pen to surface and try to draw a line in the same fashion I always do…but the line would not immediately be drawn. A split second later the line would appear about half way into the pen stroke. This made drawing anything look as though… I was using a tightly clenched crayon while drawing with my toes. Enormously frustrating you can imagine.

I attempted decreasing the resolution of the PS document; thinking maybe smaller file size requirements would help. This didn’t seem to help at all. I had recently checked my connection speed and RAM as well. Truth is, I’m not really sure at this time if the lag I was experiencing was due to a tablet error, Photoshop virtual memory issues, network nonsense…or my PC itself!

Fact is, my PC never gives me problems otherwise really. I use Photoshop regularly without issue. I also do video post production for my channel using Adobe Premier and Affter Effects with no problems. And anyone who has worked with those softwares know they can be very demanding on RAM and PC performance in general. So what could have happened?

Perhaps some other software was hindering me. Well let’s see…I was only running a short looping audio track on Windows Media Player during the stream. Internet Explorer was the only browser I had running, and that was to control the stream. I was using Google Hangouts as the means…hmmm. Maybe there’s a better solution to live streaming that’s not so demanding on my PC.

I guess the next step would be to test the memory allocations for everything again and run some scans on my PC’s performance as a pre-emptive strike before I stream again. At the moment I will just have to stick to desktop recording via offline; if I want to share digital works in progress. Altogether quite dissapointing I will say, but I will look into the issue and report back with my ‘findings’. Lol.

So if anyone else has had any similar problems live streaming like this, leave some comments. Perhaps you streamed some drawing in Photoshop or some other software and had similar issues…or no issue. Share your experiences with using Google hangouts or just streaming your art in general. We all would like to hear!

Until next time, take care!

Just Draw! Episode 2 On You Tube Now

Hiya Everyone! So ya know that popcorn graphic I plopped in the ol “Free Assets” page the other day….here’s why I created it. My latest episode of  “JustDraw!” is finally live on You Tube. Here’s a brief synopsis:

“I attempt to pay a brief ‘illustrated’ tribute to the recently founded Studio Ponoc and their new anime masterpiece: “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”. I sketch, ink, and paint a still image inspired by the movie and you get to watch every brush stroke. (Sped up of course.)”

So you can watch the video right here if you like! :


I hope you enjoy, like comment and subscribe!

Thanks everyone and I’ll see ya next time!

Just a shout out…and update!

StillHiya everyone!

Just wanted to take a moment to mention a few things. First of all, I am still wrapping up the next episode of Just Draw! for the new channel on You Tube. I want to make sure I am releasing high quality videos that are informative and engaging, as well as fun to watch. (In case you missed last week’s episode, here’s a link.)  Just Draw! Episode 1 

Also, in case you haven’t heard, the next episode will be based on the theme of anime art… a topic very special to me. I’ll talk briefly about the inspiration for the illustration I create, and show a compilation of the creation process from start to finish. You’ll get to see the blank paper get all filled up with graphite, ink and paint! (Perhaps a little extra bonus at the end too.)

Secondly, a big shout out of thanks to everyone recently following me on Twitter, You Tube, Subscribing to me here… and everywhere else I share my art! I am very thankful that you all are finding value in my content and are appreciative of art as much as I am. I really do believe that sharing the creation process of art has a way of inspiring and motivating people’s inner creativity.

So again, thanks for joining me on these adventures… you’ll be hearing more from me very soon. Take care!

-RJR Design-

Flower - Watercolor, Acrylic, and Pen on Paper- WIP



We all share an inherent need to express and to understand. These are all common traits we struggle with independently. Often times I am amazed at how life and art mirror each other, and how difficult to understand they both can be. Within this concept exists a philosophy: that life is art…and we are the artists.

“The Artist”

Some say it is better to understand one’s self, in order to better understand others. The truth of this rests in our ability to accomplish such a feat. Art is similar in this regard, existing as expression of self that not everyone comes to grasp. True comprehension and appreciation may however be obtained through the many trials and tribulations of life, where we find our capability and capacity for understanding. Perhaps only after overcoming these obstacles as only life can introduce, can we truly begin to acknowledge who we are as people; or as artists.

If someone were to ask of your true personality, a wise reply might be; “Well that is for you to experience, and not for me to describe.” Again, art is similar. Having said this also brings another correlation: that while it may be easy to interact with others in attempts to “know” them; understanding who they are remains complex. Thus, life’s experiences add hesitation and weariness in our ability to fully understand others…or their art.

At times the doubts we hold on to can be a hindrance to our remaining open-mindedness, as well as our innate ability to share. At times this may be considered a worthy protective mechanism. Once making it past any defenses, the discovery of your inner true self will be trustworthy and pure in expression. For example, striving to help others when possible or simply doing what is right when no reward is sought; is a true insight to character.

When you pursue your goals with the greatest enthusiasm while holding on to the feeling that anything is attainable, people may think you are crazy. Yet you can disagree in a respectful manner and justify your reasoning later with positive and creative action. Meanwhile we hold closely in great confidence those who appeal to our devotions in life and to our art. It is true that many times the paths we have chosen lead us to walk alone; yet we must pursue that trail because it leads us to what we desire most. Solitude can be lonely in physical sense, yet liberating and expansive for creative expression, heart and mind.

Following the paths we have chosen speaks clearly to who we are and what we do. We are the unchanged, yet ever changing; alone, yet not lonesome. Creators of new worlds and destroyers of old, versatile in our abilities to recreate ourselves endlessly. To fulfill our ultimate desires we create wonder and enchantment through that which we love. The imaginative innovators and focused idealists, seeking realization of our dreams in efforts to adapt and learn; on this great journey of self-discovery. Our lives are art, and we are all artists.




” A true work of art is born of the Artist: a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes personality, an independent subject, animated with spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being.” These were words of the abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky; and what powerful words they are that speak to the true nature of the artist and of art itself.

Within everyone there exists a spark of creation, something unique to themselves; that demands to be shared. I have nothing but appreciation for the arts and all those who are driven to create. It is the power of imagination paired with positive spirit that really changes people, and alters our world.

Please embrace the spirit of creation and appreciation for everything that is unique in this world, and the people that reside in it.





The world is full of searching. People searching for answers, for truth, for love, for a meaning to their existence in this world. Everyone looking for an understanding; when the majority of the time we barely understand ourselves.

We face century old questions of how to go about finding these truths. The enlightenment and the clear minded Eurekas we yearn for so desperately. Yet whether minuscule or insurmountable effort is put forth, these answers are often not to be found.

This is not a pessimistic or negative viewpoint. Not an inability to accept the possibility of hope. Nor is it in defiance of optimism all together. Simply the acceptance of the reality we live in; where answers and truths are not things easily discovered.

There are no clear cut paths, no expressways to understanding. Only one true way of learning and comprehension has ever existed…to live. To find our inner truths and the answers we all search for: we simply have to experience.

Imagine searching for something whose appearance you had no idea of. How would you find this thing?By looking for something you are unclear of, what do you hope to find? Perhaps this all seems vague, or is it making sense now?

The truth is that the most important things in life…we often find without looking. We don’t search for them. Don’t wander around aimlessly pondering their whereabouts. These things happen upon us unexpectedly.

It is in this way that by simply living our lives to the best and most positive extent possible…that we find the most valuable answers, truths, understanding, and comprehension. There will always be confusion and question. Yet… until we stop searching for the unattainable truths we seek outwardly, and look within ourselves…only then we will find true understanding.

One artists mind

This post is for a love of many things. I don’t know what else to do right now so I find myself writing. I have always been kind of opposed to social media however, because I see a lot of hate and meaningless dribble for the sake of so called friends or followers. Such is life though, we all have the power to filter and sift. Our feelings and opinions are our own…and no one can silence our expression. Words can be the power to make great change…for good or for bad. 

Technology and media however are not always used wisely for the tools of expression they are. I have gone back and forth, trying to utilize them as the tools they are. Yet depending on definitions… I have posted a considerable amount of dribble and meaningless opinion in my time as well. Apologies.

I have always loved vocabulary and the written word, and for that reason at times this becomes a place for me to speak thoughts that I may not tell anyone else. Throwing thoughts and feelings into the void. Whether anyone reads them or not makes not much difference…or does it? Really. Its just expression…and we need to express ourselves.

So I have come to the conclusion that social media may be viewed as a public diary. Something to look back on. Whether for happy memories, outrage…or sadness. Feelings are what bind us all. We all have emotions and want to be understood. So in this sense I guess it makes sense to share.

As for my love of the written word in its power of expression, and what brings me to this post tonight…C.S. Lewis actually. An author who understood the nature of his feelings deeply, and how to express them. Slight envy perhaps. Not too long ago I posted a writing of his I found, and upon looking back I read it again. It still resonates deeply with me.

I think that the passage not only speaks great volumes of Mr. Lewis himself…but of human nature. We all want to be understood, to be loved, and to be appreciated. Yet it is in the translation of these emotions that we get lost. I imagine how wonderful it would be if we could all understand each other better in this world…and how happy we could possibly be.

Anyhow, if someone read this post in its entirety I would be surprised. If they appreciate and attempt to comprehend the written word and all its possible expression…I would be happier. If someone was moved by these pixels on a screen we call words…I am humbled.

I feel I have not always been able to express myself to the best of my intentions, so I will continue to try and better myself in this way. When someone understands you…it is truly a beautiful thing. For everyone who yearns to be understood and searches for meaning, continue your search; do not sway. As we all deserve some understanding and compassion. Though we are all vulnerable, we still need love.