Time for tidying up a bit…

Hiya again! Just taking a day to organize and tidy up a bit of material around the webs. Keeping everything maintained can be quite tedious and tiresome you know.  Not too much to note in my opinion; but I added a few whatnot’s over on Deviant Art galleries. There are a few galleries that may interest you like the Laputa Robot sculpture I did a while back. (I should really do a post about that project 😉

Also, there’s a new short video posted on the ol You Tube channel that entails anime style character drawing in Photoshop; view-able on my videos page here. I originally live streamed the drawing on Google Hangouts a few days ago. That was a bit…umm…yeah. I talk about that experience more here. Lol. Anyways, if perhaps you missed the other art videos on my channel you can check those out as well.

Lastly, I’m cultivating ideas for other videos at the moment while simultaneously editing other material. If you have any suggestions of art you’d like to see me create I’d be happy to hear from you! (Not that all suggestions will be granted of course!) Sharing your interests will help us all learn more about art in the long run; and it helps me keep an eye on the most popular topic matter for me to share with you all.

On that note, thanks again to all newcomer art lovers that have joined me; and a big thanks to everyone already following, subscribing, and chatting up my work! Until next time, take care!

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