PaintsChainer: Testrun Two

After my initial experience with PaintsChainer, ( Autocolor Your Manga? ); I was compelled to run some more trials. This time I tried two versions of my image: the initial sketch and then a conversion to dark lines similar to inked appearance. This will be a fast moving article wasting no time displaying the results. So let’s get on with it.

I started with a pencil sketch upload to PaintsChainer.


Immediately after upload, the colorizing process began before I even clicked the button. Perhaps elements of color are assigned according to gradients of the scan. Not quite sure.


After adding my color sample overlay, some bright colors were bleeding from the image…


I also quickly converted my sketch to line art to see the results on darker lines.fightsketch_lineart_rjrdesigne

Applying new color samples over the darker lined image, the resulting autocoloring was noticeably smoother. The color picks also stayed within their chosen zones better as well.


Just for fun I applied the original darkened line art as an overlay to the autocolored image. Once again we can see how the PaintsChainer tool provides interesting and useful results.


If you still haven’t tried out PaintsChainer then what are you waiting for?

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