Auto Color your Manga?

Jumping right into things; the other day I heard about the release of an interesting piece of art software called PaintsChainer. Released from manga software developer Taizan. The program was created to automatically color line art drawings by utilizing color choices set by the user. I had to try it.

First off I headed to The interface was simple. Click the ‘Choose File’ icon, locate your line art image from your computer, and upload. Initially there was an error created stating an image size limit was exceeded. This was because I chose a high DPI scan of my drawing, so I formatted a smaller resolution image and re-uploaded without error. The image below shows a screenshot of my image uploaded onto the PaintsChainer site.


Next I used the application’s simple tools to paint color selections over my drawing. There are pencil/ brush tools that allow you to select the size of the brushes, also an eraser and a undo button. The colors are selected from a simple color picker pop up box. As you can see in the image below I quickly applied color samples to various areas of my image using my pen tablet. I was obviously aiming for speed whilst doing this stage. 😉


The next step is the most intriguing one, it’s what happens when you press the colorize button. Your image is wondrously transformed to a fully colorized output image, as you can see below. While color has been applied, it appears to have done so in a strange manner. Some of the color information has been disregarded,  or completely blended out. This is especially noticeable in the background of the image, where some patterning seems to have been applied. There also appears to be a random coloring element in the characters right eye.

Again, the color sampling step for this test was carries out extremely fast; so we cannot denounce the capability of PaintsChainer. We must acknowledge multiple positive qualities which have presented themselves here. Such as how the shading of my drawing has carried over quite nicely into the colorized result. Also notice how the hair has been colored rather well, providing areas of lights and darks which give the feel of a natural light. The overall image is softly colored and pastel in nature. Its apparent there are most likely much greater results attainable when more time is put into the color sampling phase.


Make sure to head over to PaintsChainer and try this out for yourself. Have fun and take care until next time.

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