Nausicaa: The 12 Principles Review

In the spirit of reminiscing, Nausicaa deserves a recall. I believe I may have to do another anime film review soon!

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I recently watched Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind again, and decide to do a review. I was interested in reviewing the use of the 12 principles of animation on a Miyazaki film. For ease of review here, I’ve analyzed only the first five minutes of the opening scene of the film.

The film in it’s entirety would take forever to critique, and I would not be able to do it justice; at least not today. So I will continue by saying that all of Miyazaki’s films utilize the principles beautifully, and I will do my best to breakdown 5 minutes of Nausicaa Valley of Wind…so here we go.

Nausicaa: The first five minutes        

In the first 5 minutes the credits are rolling over various animation sequences. Some are scrolling static graphics, some are fully animated. Though this could be broken down as well; we’ll take a look at…

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