The world is full of searching. People searching for answers, for truth, for love, for a meaning to their existence in this world. Everyone looking for an understanding; when the majority of the time we barely understand ourselves.

We face century old questions of how to go about finding these truths. The enlightenment and the clear minded Eurekas we yearn for so desperately. Yet whether minuscule or insurmountable effort is put forth, these answers are often not to be found.

This is not a pessimistic or negative viewpoint. Not an inability to accept the possibility of hope. Nor is it in defiance of optimism all together. Simply the acceptance of the reality we live in; where answers and truths are not things easily discovered.

There are no clear cut paths, no expressways to understanding. Only one true way of learning and comprehension has ever existed…to live. To find our inner truths and the answers we all search for: we simply have to experience.

Imagine searching for something whose appearance you had no idea of. How would you find this thing?By looking for something you are unclear of, what do you hope to find? Perhaps this all seems vague, or is it making sense now?

The truth is that the most important things in life…we often find without looking. We don’t search for them. Don’t wander around aimlessly pondering their whereabouts. These things happen upon us unexpectedly.

It is in this way that by simply living our lives to the best and most positive extent possible…that we find the most valuable answers, truths, understanding, and comprehension. There will always be confusion and question. Yet… until we stop searching for the unattainable truths we seek outwardly, and look within ourselves…only then we will find true understanding.

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