One artists mind

This post is for a love of many things. I don’t know what else to do right now so I find myself writing. I have always been kind of opposed to social media however, because I see a lot of hate and meaningless dribble for the sake of so called friends or followers. Such is life though, we all have the power to filter and sift. Our feelings and opinions are our own…and no one can silence our expression. Words can be the power to make great change…for good or for bad. 

Technology and media however are not always used wisely for the tools of expression they are. I have gone back and forth, trying to utilize them as the tools they are. Yet depending on definitions… I have posted a considerable amount of dribble and meaningless opinion in my time as well. Apologies.

I have always loved vocabulary and the written word, and for that reason at times this becomes a place for me to speak thoughts that I may not tell anyone else. Throwing thoughts and feelings into the void. Whether anyone reads them or not makes not much difference…or does it? Really. Its just expression…and we need to express ourselves.

So I have come to the conclusion that social media may be viewed as a public diary. Something to look back on. Whether for happy memories, outrage…or sadness. Feelings are what bind us all. We all have emotions and want to be understood. So in this sense I guess it makes sense to share.

As for my love of the written word in its power of expression, and what brings me to this post tonight…C.S. Lewis actually. An author who understood the nature of his feelings deeply, and how to express them. Slight envy perhaps. Not too long ago I posted a writing of his I found, and upon looking back I read it again. It still resonates deeply with me.

I think that the passage not only speaks great volumes of Mr. Lewis himself…but of human nature. We all want to be understood, to be loved, and to be appreciated. Yet it is in the translation of these emotions that we get lost. I imagine how wonderful it would be if we could all understand each other better in this world…and how happy we could possibly be.

Anyhow, if someone read this post in its entirety I would be surprised. If they appreciate and attempt to comprehend the written word and all its possible expression…I would be happier. If someone was moved by these pixels on a screen we call words…I am humbled.

I feel I have not always been able to express myself to the best of my intentions, so I will continue to try and better myself in this way. When someone understands you…it is truly a beautiful thing. For everyone who yearns to be understood and searches for meaning, continue your search; do not sway. As we all deserve some understanding and compassion. Though we are all vulnerable, we still need love.

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