Fake Realism… Too Real?

Hello again everyone,

I’d just like to take a quick moment to say “Thank You” to all of you great people out there for supporting me in one way or another. Whether you have sent kind replies or expressed your appreciation for a piece of work I have done…it means a lot to me. The best thing anyone can do on this Earth is to share what they love and know with others. Hopefully by doing so we can all learn a little more ourselves; and perhaps love life a little more too.

Now onto the writings!

Recently I have been talking about inspirations and perspectives as related to the arts. I’ve tried to express some key points of a concept that artistic expression depends on these unique perspectives. In short, I believe the most honest and truthful representations (in the artistic sense), are those that are born without boundaries. The qualities produced by these types of spirited work could be described as “brought to life”.

Today I want to take this latter concept a little further by posing the question, “When is Fake Realism too Real?” Recently I was engaged in the topic of CG and forced realism in films and video games. I went so far as to say most visuals in general these days; are always pushing towards uber realism. It seems to me at times anyway, that whether it’s video games or movies… the boundaries are crossed seamlessly without thought.

I am not saying that the sequences aren’t successfully accomplishing their goals. I am more-so debating the purpose of this quest for fake realism being used more and more. Perhaps it is a statement about the type of world we live in today. Saying that most everything we see is fake may be going a bit far, yet we do expect and welcome the chance to be fooled on a daily basis.That’s why we watch the news and weather right?

Given the tech we have now it is obvious that companies are itching to flex those artistic muscles of creation in the 3d realm. Every hit movie hitting the screen or video game hitting the shelves contains tons of effects shots. It’s a given that the producers and directors want to convey their story in as realistic a light as possible in order to be convincing. In my opinion though, it’s not all about how real you can make something look. The story has to be there to lock you in. If you haven’t got the story, I don’t care how real the fire looks coming out of the magic dragon’s mouth!

Granted that certain video games do have a focused audience of people who really want to feel like they are part of the game; that is one scenario. As far as other games though, sometimes I think too much effort may be put into making that surrealism. The visual industry is still about expression and originality at it’s heart. It’s not so much about mimicry or duplication as about innovation and creation. The things that are different from what we see around us every day are the things we really want to see visualized.

I know everyone has their own preferences and favorites when it comes to these things…but I just thought I’d throw this opinion of mine out there. I am wondering what some of you think about the possible over use of forced realism in CG movies and games as well. So please feel free to leave a reply and perhaps write an article of your own.

On that note, I will also make it clear that I love special effects shots, awesome magical beasts and explosions; as much as anyone. However, if you are going to try and awe me by simply re-creating nature on my screen then you must try again. If I want to see a real looking tree I will go outside and see one…when I am in a game I would much rather see a tree that perhaps tries to eat me if I come to close to it…just sayin.;)

Thanks again for reading, following and responding! Take care and… Peace till next time!

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