Difference & Individuality: Perspectives of Creation

There are inspirations to be found in so many works that surround us, and not just artistic works. For this reason I wouldn’t be able to really narrow things down to categories of inspiration; if I were asked to. I think it’s definitely important to retain an appreciation for many different types of work and the artists that produce them. Regardless if you like the artists’ style or the work they create, there is something to be learned.

I have always found it inspiring that you can put twenty artists in a room, and tell them to draw the same object…and each one will have their own unique interpretation. It is for this reason that art is such a great medium and that it offers so much for us to learn from. This also allows us to see that the world we live in would be very boring if we all viewed things from the exact same perspectives.

In viewing this statement we also see how much there is to be said about life; as related to art. Even though we all live in the same world and are surrounded by similar environments, we all view things in our own unique way. It doesn’t matter if we are speaking about our next door neighbor or the relative that lives a continent away…perception is unique. This in turn affects the way that we create, imagine, interact, learn…and teach.

By respecting these principles of imagination, individuality and creation there can be great things accomplished; and great boundaries overcome. Originality and inspiration share the same roots as creation and imagination. Without the ability to look at things in new ways, problems could not be solved. Solutions and innovations would be non existent.

I guess the most important lesson to be learned by all this is that we need to remember that different is not bad. It is actually very, very good…and essential to our survival and success.

Till next time, peace.

2 thoughts on “Difference & Individuality: Perspectives of Creation

  1. Hi there,

    I am the founder of the Uncovered Artistry Project (www.uncoveredartistry.com). We strive to empower domestic and sexual abuse survivors through the power of art and entrepreneurship by operating an online boutique that sells the art and fine crafts of these men and women. I ran across your blog and I found the content, particularly the general theme of art, relevant to our mission.

    This April, we are hosting “An Art Show to End Abuse,” and we are trying to raise money for the show through Kickstarter (http://kck.st/GHIoMw ). I was wondering if you would be interested in supporting our cause by posting a short post about the Project and our upcoming art show. I can provide you with the content and pictures or you can write your own content.

    In return, I would be happy to feature your blog on our blog as well (www.uncoveredartistry.wordpress.com).

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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