Elfen Lied: Intro Review


Disclaimer: The following review describes an anime series for an adult viewing audience, discretion advised.

Now on to the story…  Elfen Lied!

Since I enjoy watching many different types of artistic media, I occasionally like to do a review on them. This time around I have chosen to do a breakdown of the intro to the anime series “Elfen Lied”. I feel that people either hate or love Elfen Lied; I myself love it. I find it a very artistic work possessive of great story structure and high entertainment value…to say the least.

Elfen Lied is a 13 episode anime based off a Manga written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. Some may be deterred by the graphic violence and suggestive themes. Yes there is brief nudity throughout as well as a few gallons of blood….but thats’ not the point here. The point is that art is something which is meant to trigger emotion from its viewer and discretion is for the viewer to decide. So on with the show I say!


It begins by the eerie operatic vocals drifting to your ears. “Lillium” being sung by Kumiko Noma. The haunting music is merged with a gallery of images that slowly pan across the screen. We see the main character encompassed and intertwined with symbolist art. There are only a few effects used, but subtlety is an art itself. The slow pan, zoom in and out, overlay effects, tight close up, soft glow and gaussian; all effective tools used well here. Between the music and the beautiful imagery, you couldn’t ask for more. The way in which the artwork is presented as a 2 dimensional gallery is very refreshing in my opinion. So many intros tend try to be too much more than they are.

Looking deeper into the production motives here we find a few interesting things. The imagery itself is actually based in reference to an Austrian artist by the name of Gustav Klimit born1886. He  was criticized of promoting eroticism in his work; which focused on the female body. This style fits well with Elfen Lied however because those feelings of eroticism are interwoven into the story. The art speaks to the viewer of hidden and multi layered meaning. The art has depth as does the story and characters. The symbolist art style of Gustav that is prevalently referred to quite enhances the whole thing. You see all these intricate elements that incorporate so seemingly with ease. Its almost as if you are actually watching some art gallery exhibition or something. At least I thought it was beautiful anyway…maybe you wont.  But you won’t know till you try it!

Thanks for reading, -RJR-

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