Another vault clip…

Hello again all,

Remember when you heard that Bethesda and Splash Damage was first starting to work on a game called Brink? I do, and that was quite a while ago I believe. We are all still patiently waiting for the release aren’t we? Unless you are one of the lucky few to live where it is already available that is. Regardless, who can complain about anything Bethesda does, they created Oblivion and Fallout 3 for cryin out loud! Not to forget that Splash Damage has Quake Wars among other gems.

The matter at hand here however is another old clip I found from the vault as I call it. This one entailed quite a bit of planning and work on my part. See I was so inspired by the possibilities of Brink, that I decided to focus on the idea for a project I was doing at ITT Technical Institute. So I modeled, sketched, textured, painted, animated and designed my way to a finished mock commercial about Brink. The end result is what you will see below. So enjoy, and peace!  Till next time. 😉

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