My love for art began in childhood sketches, hid among pages of school textbooks; and continues to seek refuge out in the world. I remain heavily immersed in art, unable to escape its passionate grasp on my life.  I am compelled to create, out of necessity; to bring life to that which does not yet exist. I believe art possesses raw ability in transformation and inspiration that compels us all.

I construct my worlds through a multitude of mediums, dependent upon the project; and the spark which ignites them.  Paper and canvas lend themselves to my Acrylic, Watercolor, India Ink, Graphite, Colored Pencil, and Pastel works. I utilize Computer software for digital paintings, designs, and for print media such as transfer to clothing. I produce jewelry and chainmail with a wide variety of metal, clay, glass, and plastics. Polymer clay also brings life to my other sculpted works.

I hold a Associates Degree in Multimedia Communications and a Bachelors of Digital Design and Animation. I am the creator and owner of RJRdesign, which is the business side of my art sales. I have been lucky enough to sell my works to various private collectors and art enthusiasts over the years, as well as helping individuals in bringing their own ideas to life. My work has been displayed previously at gallery exhibition in BDAAA; the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Creation grants me a valuable library of experience, knowledge, and constant growth. My goal in art is met when inspiration is achieved, because I believe in the ability to create positive change by use of artistic skill. I entertain my own dreams and ideas in hope of helping others discover theirs…and then making them a reality. In this way we can better understand, appreciate and improve our world.

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