Welcome to RJR Design!

Hiya everyone, my name is RJ and I want to inspire you with art and creation! My love for art began in childhood sketches, sought refuge on pages of school textbooks; and is today expressed through art creation. I’ve always been immersed in art, unable to escape its passionate grasp on my life. I am compelled to create, out of necessity; to bring fantasy ideas to life. I believe art possesses the raw ability to inspire, entertain, uplift the spirits…and compel us all to be more creative and happy individuals!

I construct my worlds through a multitude of mediums, dependent upon the project; and the spark which ignites them. Art can be created by using almost anything; alot of the beginners tools are probably laying around your house! I work with cloth, paper, cardboard, mdf, wood, rock, glass, canvas, foam, plastic, polymer clays, metal and more. Color is added by use of acrylic, watercolor, india ink, graphite, colored pencil, chalk…to name a few. I utilize computer software for digital concepts, sketches, paintings, designs, and for printed media. It’s all bound together by whatever means necessary. Do you want to create things too?!
RJR Design is my idea of a creation space. A place where art can be expressed, explained and enjoyed by all. Creation grants a valuable library of experience, knowledge, and constant growth. I believe in the ability to create positive change by use of art. If you feel I can help to breathe life to your own dreams and ideas, and feel the way I do about art; supporting me will help contribute to sharing more art and inspiring others. I hope together we can show everyone that ideas and dreams can be made a reality, and that we can create to better understand, appreciate and improve our world! Thanks so much for your support!

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